The benefits of electric ABS muscle stimulator&Ab stimulator instruction manual

This abs belt is done via a complete workout of the abdominal muscles using ems abs technology (electrical muscle stimulation), which is actually scientifically proven to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. A lot of athletes use it and it's fast becoming one of the most popular ways to use technology in fitness.

Benefits of electric abs muscle stimulator:

Doctors and physical therapists have used electrical devices to treat injured or paralyzed muscles for decades. Functional electrical stimulation (FES) uses an electrical pulse to force muscles to contract. By doing this, it prevents muscle wasting and encourages blood flow to the muscles. It may also help repair damage.

The skyrocketing sales of smart abdomen and arm muscle stimulator shows the increasing notability of Domas. 2018 GShenzhen L-Domas Technology Ltd. produces a number of different slendertone belt product series, including ab stimulator. The product is durable and functions very well during its long service life. It is made of environmentally friendly materials. This kind of product can easily accomplish the arduous work that people can't do. This will undoubtedly increase productivity and ease the pressure on workers. It is capable of stimulating and inhibiting sympathetic nerve to achieve better effects.

ab stimulator Instructions for use of electric muscle stimulation:

The ab stimulator instructions manual is always beside electric abs muscle stimulator . If no such instruction manual is found, you are welcomed to contact us. Then an electronic version may be offered. The instruction manual is aimed at offering you detailed operation and installation info. If you find it hard to understand, video or other effective ways may be available based on the demand.

advantage of EMS waist massager polyester abs training belt:


Small,portable and fashionable , ideal for using at home and office.Relaxing body and pain relief(Built-in 30 minutes automatic stop timer).


LCD screen shows the modes, intensity levels and time, easy to operate.Stimulate inhibiting sympathetic, enlarge blood vessels, and improve blood circulation.


Controller with high-tech chip and low power voltage (3V), which makes the massager more safe, reliable and endurable.


DOM AS EMS Belt kit which transmit bioelectrical pulse to build up muscle in waist so as to achieve the purpose of exercise.

Slendertone abs muscle polyester abs training belt product parameter:


8 modes

EMS waist massager polyester best ab toning belt product picture:

electric abs muscle stimulator

Domas insist on the principle of "quality and innovation first". Domas will develop more quality products to meet the customers’ requirements and seek valuable feedback from them.


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